God is so good

God is so good

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
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Hey FMBC Kiddos! Here is the next song to start practicing! God is so good isn’t He?

Let your mommy or daddy play this for you and sing together. We will practice it again on Sunday in class or continue to practice at home and post a video here! If you aren’t a FMBC Kiddo, and want to be, just ask your parents to help you join. We are located at 170 Cash Springs Rd., Greenbrier. Sunday Service: Sunday school is at 10am, children’s church at 11:15am. Wednesday is at 7pm. No Sunday night service at this time.

If you are 10 or older, we ask you to wear a mask. Come and join us! We are learning about Jesus, God the Father, singing songs, crafts, snacks and so much more.

See you soon!
Love, Mrs. Dayna