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  • Posted on: 13 January 2021

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church​ (public page)

  • (this is the easiest way to find the page)
  • The page is the main presence of the Church on Facebook. The public can find information about open hours, phone number, website address and other social media, if set up. The public can also post to the page (which will appear under “Community” page per tab) as to keep the main page clean.
  • Users
    • You need to LIKE the page to see the posts on your newsfeed.
    • You can post to this page and your posts will appear under Community posts as stated above
    • In order to see your post, you must click on the More button and then on Community
    • You and the public can message the admins of the page to ask questions
  • Sermons
    • Sunday morning sermons will be recorded live and placed here for viewing after the sermon ends​
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